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Connecting to Your Community: Part Three

August 4, 2011

Reblogged from I Heart Art: Portland

This article is part of a series addressing the topics discussed during our March 30 Salon Discussion, Connecting to Your Community.

Previously in this series: Part One, Setting the Stage | Part Two, Identifying Your Motives

Becoming a Catalyst

The best way to balance our commodity-driven culture is to contribute to the community through the open exchange of knowledge, ideas and information.

What is a catalyst?

Graduated cylinders and beaker filled with chemical compounds

In science, a catalyst is an agent that increases the rate of a reaction between two or more compounds. But what’s interesting (and in my opinion, essential for this comparison) is that despite participating in the reaction, the catalyst is not consumed by the reaction itself, so the compounds in the chemical change aren’t reacting with the catalyst, they’re reacting because of its presence.

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